Secret Santa Match at NBX 2015!

ssmlNightmare B4 Xmas 2015 will host the first ever Secret Santa Match for the New Zealand Women’s Championship!

New Zealand Women’s Champion Carmen Rose, Britenay and Megan Kate will be surrounded by Christmas presents on December 19, but they will have no idea if the gifts inside will be weapons, or something simply relative to the festive season at hand!

Rose will be well aware that with the lethal lottery environment of this contest, her reign as New Zealand Women’s Champion could be painfully short if she’s not able to find the destructive implements hidden around ringside. For Britenay and Megan Kate, the aid of a steel chair or baseball bat could prove the difference between success and failure as they both look to claim back the hotly contested New Zealand Women’s Championship! Continue Reading

Who will become New Zealand Heavyweight Champion?

jvdThe Nightmare Championship Series will take centre stage at the biggest event of the year as we look to crown a New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Just four men remain in the NCS with James Shaw battling “The Deal” Dal Knox and Liger clashing with Johnny Idol in  Semi-Final action at Nightmare B4 Xmas. The winners will advance to Fans Bring the Weapons later in the evening and have a shot at capturing the vacant New Zealand Heavyweight Championship!

Nightmare B4 Xmas takes place December 19 at the YMCA Lynfield Recreation Centre in Auckland!

Tickets available soon!

Damage Control results!

jsFour men have advanced in the Nightmare Championship Series!

James Shaw, Dal Knox, Liger and Johnny Idol all picked up victories at Damage Control to put themselves one step closer to becoming New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Other results at Damage Control saw Carmen Rose become New Zealand Women’s Champion and Brodie Coast & Mason Daniels defeating Khan & Richards to become number one contenders to the New Zealand Tag Team Championships!

Rose Challenges Kate at Damage Control!

womDamage Control will see the New Zealand Women’s Championship on the line between two competitors who will do anything to leave with the gold!

Megan Kate found herself in unique territory last month at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, becoming the first women to lose her Championship gold on day one to Evie, only to reclaim it back on day two. Megan Kate will be hoping that her second reign won’t have such a hiccup when she faces Carmen Rose, November 14 in Manurewa.

For Carmen Rose, her recent attitude of win at all costs could be the perfect strategy to dethrone Megan Kate, as she looks to claim the New Zealand Women’s Championship for the very first time. The competitive edge surrounding the recent momentum of Rose needs to be harnessed however, as she can only claim the gold via pin fall or submission. Continue Reading

Nightmare Championship Series announced!

ncsIPW Director Daniel Burnell has announced the first ever Nightmare Championship Series to crown the next New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Beginning November 14 at Damage Control, the inaugural series will see eight men collide in the hopes of advancing through the first series of matches, giving themselves the supreme chance at The Ultimate Prize come December 19 at Nightmare B4 Xmas.

Damage Control will see the first four matches of the Nightmare Championship Series taking place, with the winners then advancing to Nightmare B4 Xmas.

On December 19 at Nightmare B4 Xmas, the final four men remaining will then clash in two sudden death matches. The winners of each contest will then advance to the final match to be contested under Fans Bring the Weapons rules! Continue Reading