Revival of the Fittest: IPW returns on July 27th!

Impact Pro Wrestling makes its eagerly anticipated comeback this month at ‘Revival of the Fittest’ and with it comes the brand new appointment of a Head of Live Events.


Impact Entertainment Ltd has been working diligently over the last month since securing an investor and is thrilled to announce top New Zealand Comedian and Television star Steve Wrigley as the brand new Head of Live Events. A star of stage and screen, Wrigley brings an incredible amount of forward thinking and experience to the table and it is with great excitement that we look forward to his first IPW live Event on the 27th of July at The Mt Albert War Memorial Hall.

With that in mind, check out what Steve Wrigley has had to say on his appointment.

“Hi guys, most of you know me, none of you don’t. I’m Steve Wrigley. World Famous comedian, long time pro wrestling fan, and the first ever Head of Live Events at IPW.

A few months back I heard that IPW was having their last show ever. I caught these guys doing their thing once at the Armageddon Sexpo and didn’t want to miss my last and only opportunity to see them put on a full show.

I was blown away, 300+ people packed in to the rec centre, and some of the best live wrestling I had ever seen. I’ve worked in live events for over 13 years with stand up comedy and if there is one thing I know for a fact, it’s that you don’t pull the plug when you’re jamming in eager punters past your venues capacity. I swiftly contacted the guys in charge, and several meetings were had in a few darkly lit rooms around Auckland. I had a plan, and a series of changes that I figured could help get even more people through the door.

I had an investor in mind that turned out to be very interested in the project, and all our plans would have been for naught if not for their input. I now get the opportunity to work with a bunch of great guys and gals and set out to achieve some lofty goals.”

Grab a ticket to Revival of the Fittest, drive, fly, swim, or crawl, do what you have to do to be there.

I hope you all like the changes I’ll be making to IPW, to start with, let’s take a look at this ‘roster’ thingy… What the hell is a ‘Kingi’?”

Steve Wrigley
IPW Head of Live Events

Brendon Taylor