Vinny Dunn claims the gold on IPW’s Revival!

Vinny Dunn claimed The Ultimate Prize upon IPW's return!

Vinny Dunn claimed The Ultimate Prize upon IPW’s return!

Vinny Dunn is the new IPW Champion after eliminating James Shaw with the help of a set light in the main event of Revival of the Fittest.
When the bell rang to start the no disqualification, elimination match, the fighting would not begin for another minute as each competitor looked to one another like lions stalking their prey. Finally, Shaw had had enough and ran at Kinkade, taking both his former partner and himself out of the ring with a flying cross-body.

This left Dunn and Kingi alone in the ring, and the two had a fair amount of back and forth with neither willing to give it up. Eventually, after a thoroughfare of the contenders entering and being thrown out of the ring, the match entered a high-risk stage.

Kingi took down Kinkade and Dunn with a somersault senton from the apron. With Shaw the only man left standing in the ring, it only made sense that he would attempt to decimate his opponents with a suicide plancha.

Shaw would stay in control and then take Kinkade into the ring. After beating him down in the corner, he attempted a coast-to-coast dropkick. However, Kingi chose this time to enter the ring and nail the airborne Shaw with a superkick straight in the face

After Kingi cleaned house with some big impact moves, Shaw came to his senses and use a modified roll-up to take Kingi out of the competition.

It wouldn’t take long until the next elimination, but first we were witness to some incredible and impactful manoeuvres including a tower of doom that saw Dunn nearly eliminate both final competitors, and a double German suplex that would have killed any normal man.

When Shaw had finally been sent from the ring, it gave Dunn enough time to hit Kinkade with the Muscle Buster for the three count and the elimination.

Now down to the final two, the match should have all been down to stamina. If this were the case, the rising star of James Shaw would surely have emerged victorious.

Just to prove how important the match and championship truly were to him, he would kick out of a pin attempt following both a spear as well as a Muscle Buster.

However, it was not this kind of talent that would determine the outcome of the match. As Shaw looked in a position to finish Dunn off and win his first IPW Championship, the lights of the venue failed and stalled the match.

IPW Revival of the Fittest Results:revival_03

  • Elias def. Curt Chaos
    The “Man Mountain” Elias pinned Chaos following an elevated neckbreaker.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship Ranking Match:
    Joel Clementson & Pirate Burns def. Antonio & Mason Daniels
    Burns forced Antonio to submit to an armbar after Antonio turned on his own tag team partner by hitting Daniels with the hangman’s neckbreaker.
  • Lil T def. Liger
    Lil T rolled Liger up to pick up the win in an impromptu match brought about when Liger challenged the IPW veteran.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship Ranking Match:
    Aaron Henry & Jakob Cross def. Alfred Valentine & Reuben de Jong

    An STO from Cross finished Valentine. After the match, Reuben de Jong gave his partner a chokeslam and lariat, bringing their alliance to an end.
  • IPW Women’s Championship:
    No Contest: Britenay vs. Evie vs. Olivia Shaw
    A returning Megan-Kate caused the match for the vacant title to be ruled a no contest when she attacked Olivia Shaw with her trademark baseball bat.
  • IPW Championship, Four-Way Elimination, No Disqualification Match:
    Vinny Dunn def. James Shaw, Joseph Kinkade and Kingi
    Dunn eliminated Shaw after hitting him in the back of the head with a set light to win the vacant IPW Championship.Thanks to Blake Leitch of for this live report and Auckland Sports Photography for the amazing live shots!

Brendon Taylor