2013 Live Event Recap: Shaw screwed once again!

Dunn kept the gold with help from the controversial Wrigley!

Dunn kept the gold with help from the controversial Wrigley!

James Shaw has been screwed out of the IPW Championship by Steve Wrigley and Vinny Dunn at IPW Live.

The match between champion Dunn and number one contender Shaw started off with Dunn showing no regard for Shaw’s wrestling abilities. After spending some time toying with his opponent, Dunn suddenly got some shots to the face and knew he was in for a fight.

Dunn would spend the next few minutes trying to escape from Shaw’s reach, at one point trying to walk out of the match. However, Shaw would keep the match going with a mix of high-risk maneuvers and unorthodox fan interaction – inviting a member of the audience over the security barrier to whip Shaw and increase his momentum for a clothesline on Dunn.

Unfortunately for the contender, this wouldn’t last. On entering the ring, Dunn took advantage hitting a nasty chop block and creating a bullseye on Shaw’s leg for the rest of the match.

Dunn would then focus his attack on the leg of Shaw, using a figure-four leg-lock and a tree-of-woe to do the damage. Shaw would eventually get a short turnaround, nailing Dunn with The Shawshank Redemption and getting a close pinfall.

However, it wouldn’t be long until Dunn would regain control and hit a devastating double-powerbomb. This would only result in a two count, but would allow Dunn to then hit a massive Muscle Buster.

In a move that proved too cocky for his own good, Dunn did not go for the pin instead opting to go to the move once again. Shaw would be able to reverse this, hitting his patented DVD.

It was at this point, where Shaw was certain to have gained a victory, that the lights in the arena went out, much as they had one month earlier. Steve Wrigley would then come down to ringside with the same light that Vinny Dunn used to claim victory in his last match.

Wrigley handed Dunn the light. Dunn hit Shaw in the back of the head. Dunn went for the pin but Shaw kicked out at two.

However, Dunn would not let up on the offence once again, hitting a brutal spear that resulted in only another two count. Unfortunately for Shaw, one final Muscle Buster from Te Tahi would be enough for the final three count.

Following the match, Dunn and Wrigley’s newest goon Tykade – who Wrigley had signed to the IPW roster at the start of the night – would beat down Shaw until Kingi and Commissioner McCracken – who handed in his resignation at the start of the night – made the save. The Commissioner then made his last announcement that the next event, Sacrifice or Surrender, will see the team of Tykade and Dunn take on the team of Kingi and Shaw.

Steve Wrigley would decide another title result at IPW Live too, awarding the IPW Women’s Championship to complete newcomer Emmy Driver.

Wrigley gathered the women’s division (Britenay, Evie, Megan-Kate and Olivia Shaw) in the ring to inform them he was ready to crown a new champion.

Several media appearances had been booked for the IPW Women’s Champion, Wrigley said, and as such he required someone who would be able to represent the company well to the public, and fast.

Wrigley then introduced the Lynfield Recreation Centre crowd to Emmy Driver, a woman he declared to be the new IPW Women’s Champion, much to the disgust of Britenay, Evie, Megan-Kate and Olivia.

Emmy gladly accepted the belt but looked confused when the other women in the ring did not share her enthusiasm.

In other title action, the finals for the IPW Tag Team Championship tournament have been set: Aaron Henry and Jakob Cross will take on TnT.

Cross and Henry received a bye in the tournament when Steve Wrigley announced he did not want to see Joel Clementson and Pirate Burns in action, giving them the night off and eliminating them from the tag team rankings.

TnT, meanwhile, fought for their place in the title bout, defeating Curt Chaos and Liger in TnT’s first match together since being stripped of the IPW Tag Team Championships.

A big thanks to Blake Leitch of NZPWI for this live report!

Steve Wrigley Presents Impact Pro Wrestling Live Results:

  • Tykade def. Mason Daniels
    Tykade won with a modified cobra clutch.
  • Elias def. Joseph Kinkade
    Kinkade defeated following a superplex.
  • Alfred Valentine def. Reuben de Jong via count-out
    De Jong walked out on the match after hitting a chokeslam, gifting Valentine the count-out victory.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship Ranking Match:
    TnT def. Liger & Curt Chaos

    TnT won their return match via pinfall following a double team complete shot.
  • King Fale def. Kingi
    Fale won following a low blow and The Grenade.
  • IPW Championship:
    Vinny Dunn (c) def. James Shaw

    Dunn retained following assistance from Wrigley and a Muscle Buster to boot.

Brendon Taylor