2013 Live Event Recap: SOS win for Shaw!

Shaw leaves SOS with a massive victory!

Shaw leaves SOS with a massive victory!

After months of being screwed out of a victory, James Shaw has finally pinned IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Vinny Dunn.

The tag team match between Shaw and Kingi, and Dunn and Tykade began with Shaw facing off against Dunn. However, before any action should take place Dunn would tag out to his partner. The fans would have to wait for the showdown they wanted to see.

Tykade began the match using his overwhelming strength to his advantage, knocking down Shaw time and again. Although Shaw tried to use his speed to his advantage, Tykade would continue his domination until he tagged out to Dunn.

Once Dunn had entered the match, Shaw was able to quickly turn momentum into his favour by hitting the Shawshank Redemption. Shaw and Kingi would stay in control by using quick tags and double-team manoeuvres.

Kingi would then hit a massive spinning suplex on the champion to try and take the victory, but Tykade would break up the pin attempt. Shaw would then be tagged in once again sending Dunn running to the outside of the ring.

While the referee was focused on Dunn, Tykade would make the most of the distraction, attacking Shaw from behind. Dunn would then re-enter the ring and tag out.

Once again, Tykade would use all his strength to his advantage by holding Shaw in a devastating bear hug and then dropping him with a German suplex. Dunn would then tag back in and hold Shaw in an abdominal stretch, illegally using Tykade’s arm for leverage.

Despite Shaw’s attempt to take back control, he looked down for the count. Eventually, Tykade would tag back in and attempt to hit a massive shoulder block in the corner. Finally, Shaw was able to use his speed to roll out of the way and tag back in Kingi.

Dunn tagged in simultaneously, but Kingi was on fire. As Kingi took full control of the match, victory looked to be in sight. Tykade would try to help his partner, but Shaw sprayed green mist into the giant’s eyes before Kingi superkicked him out of the ring.

Kingi would then turn his superkick into the jaw of Dunn before tagging out to Shaw. Shaw would finally get his revenge on the champion hitting him with a Death Valley Driver and picking up the three count.

Steve Wrigley was then thrown into the ring by Dion McCracken and looked clear set to get the beating fans had been dreaming of. Unfortunately, he was rescued by Dunn and Tykade before anything could happen.

Shaw then demanded a championship match at the next event with the stipulation that it would be a blindfold match. The incensed Dunn accepted immediately before Wrigley and his goons would leave for the night.

Other big news of the night: Jakob Cross and Aaron Henry defeated TnT to win the vacated IPW Tag Team Championships. It was clear from the beginning that Cross and Henry would do whatever it took to win, attacking their opponents before the bell even rang.

Although the match would see plenty of back and forth action, the end result came when Lil T was taken out on the outside the ring, Cooper was given a low blow, and Cross and Henry nailed Cooper with a high-impact double crucifix powerbomb.

Thanks to Blake Leitch of NZPWI for this live report!

IPW Sacrifice or Surrender Results:

  • Mason Daniels def. Antonio
    Daniels pinned Antonio with a roll-up.
  • Britenay def. Olivia Shaw
    Britenay got the pinfall following her Extreme Makeover Gory Special facebuster.
  • Elias def. Pat Schisck
    Elias scored the win following a Big Boot. Pat Schisk attacked Elias’ knee after the match.
  • Liger def. Joel Clementson via disqualification
    Liger got the disqualification victory after a provoked Pirate Burns attacked the Strong Style Supervillain.
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    Jakob Cross & Aaron Henry def. TnT

    Cooper was pinned following a double crucifix powerbomb.
  • Evie def. Megan-Kate
    Evie got the win following a double stomp in the corner and a TTYL.
  • James Shaw & Kingi def. Vinny Dunn & Tykade
    Dunn was pinned after a superkick from Kingi and a DVD from Shaw.

Brendon Taylor