2013 Live Event Recap: Dunn retains at RTR!

Once again Vinny Dunn has squirmed his way to a championship victory over James Shaw with the aid of IPW’s resident Head of Live Events, Steve Wrigley.

The blindfold match main event began on a sour note with Steve Wrigley banning Olivia Shaw from ringside, saying he didn’t want any “funny business”. However, once Olivia left and the blindfolds were checked, the match was underway.

Both competitors started out the match slow, trying to find each other without being able to see a thing. The competitors got close to one another numerous times but kept walking past each other.

Finally the two managed to find each other and exchanged a series of slams. Unfortunately, the two were once again removed from each other and the game of cat and mouse was back on.

James Shaw then decided to use a tactic that only he could use: fan direction. Shaw would point in a direction and slowly turn. When his finger was pointed directly at Dunn, the fans would cheer and Shaw was quite easily able to find his man.

After using this strategy, Dunn needed to escape the ring to catch a break and regroup. Not content with the break, Shaw once again used the fans to tell him where Dunn was hiding.

Surprisingly, it looked as though Shaw was going to try a suicide dive, blindfold and all. Unfortunately, Shaw couldn’t see what was awaiting him as he ran the ropes, and Wrigley tripped the title contender up.

Making the most of the situation, Dunn re-entered the ring and continued his assault on Shaw. But then in a decision not well thought through, Dunn attempted a high-risk diving elbow drop. Naturally, Shaw was far gone and Dunn missed.

At this point, Shaw would begin his resurgence even finally hitting a crowd standing, blindfolded suicide dive. Once back in the ring, he would mistake Wrigley for Dunn, allowing the champion his chance to cheat.

Dunn took his blindfold off and knocked the referee out. Shaw was now completely at his mercy. While Dunn was beating on Shaw, Wrigley went to the back to get a folding chair for the champion.

However, when Dunn attempted to hit Shaw, the number one contender rolled out of the way and the chair sprung off the ropes into the champion’s face. Shaw made the most of this moment, hitting a Shawshank Redemption and covering for what should have been a three count and a victory.

Realising now what had happened, Shaw took off his own blindfold and begin to exact his revenge. After using the folding chair on Dunn, he went to the top rope for a moonsault.

However, Dunn managed to roll out of the way and Shaw landed painfully, tweaking his leg. Dunn would capitalise in this back and forth affair, using the chair to try and break Shaw’s ankle.

Somehow, Shaw managed to fight back once more even hitting a DVD on the champ. However, Wrigley once again pulled Dunn to safety. While Dunn and Wrigley had the reawakened referee distracted, Tykade came to ringside to attack Shaw’s ankle even more.

With Shaw’s ankle absolutely destroyed, he was rolled into the ring and Dunn applied a devastating ankle lock. Shaw had no option but to tap out and give Dunn the victory.

It seemed Dunn and Wrigley were not content with their victory and the two prepared to further destroy Shaw’s ankle.

However, the lights went out, and when they came back on one moment later, the returning Travis Banks was standing in the ring!

With no time to think, Dunn was hit with a giant knee shot to the face before Banks locked in his patented Lion Clutch. Eventually Banks let go of the champion and Dunn scurried with Wrigley to the back to end the show.

Thanks to Blake Leitch of NZPWI for this live report!

IPW Right to Reclaim Results:

  • Alfred Valentine def. Pat Schisk
    Valentine scored the pin following a 450 splash.
  • Curt Chaos def. Pirate Burns
    Chaos won following a distraction from Liger and a big facebuster.
  • 10/7 def. Aaron Henry & Jakob Cross
    10/7 got the win following a “twin magic” switch and a small package. After the match, 10/7 unmasked themselves to reveal the former IPW Tag Team Champions, TnT.
  • Khan def. Mason Daniels
    Khan scored the victory after hitting a neckbreaker.
  • Tykade def. Kingi
    Tykade picked up the win following interference from Jakob Cross and Aaron Henry, and a big knee shot to the face.
  • IPW Women’s Championship, #1 Contender’s Match:
    Evie def. Britenay

    Evie scored the pinfall following a diving double stomp from the top rope.
  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, Blindfold Match:
    Vinny Dunn (c) def. James Shaw

    Dunn scored the submission victory following an ankle lock.

Brendon Taylor