2014 Live Event Recap: Banks finally claims gold!

Banks overcame the odds to finally claim back his gold!

Banks overcame the odds to finally claim back his gold!

The Investment’s days with the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship are over after Travis Banks dethroned Vinny Dunn to become a two-time titleholder on Saturday.

Banks began his main event bout at The Good, The Bad & The Ugly with a flurry of offence that caused Dunn to bail out of the ring in an attempt to regroup. Banks gave Dunn zero room to breathe though, and helped “Te Tahi” into a seat at ringside before rushing in with a massive boot to knock him to the floor.

Dunn caught a lucky break when he countered an Irish whip from Banks and flung him against the ring post before rolling back into the ring, where he remained in control of the match.

Banks tried to rally back with a series of forearm shots but Dunn cut him off with a neckbreaker and grounded the challenger in a figure-four leg lock.

Banks broke free and Dunn cut him down with a Pukana Spear, but Banks was up in no time and dropped Dunn with a roaring knee and a fisherman brainbuster.

“Classic” Pat Schisk hit the ring and was met with a missile dropkick from Banks. The Agents of Change joined Schisk, and were given dual roaring knees for their efforts.

Banks then scaled the top rope and leapt onto all three men on the outside of the ring, ensuring he wouldn’t have to deal with any of them for the rest of the match.

Back in the ring, Dunn tripped Banks and applied an ankle lock, only for Banks to roll forward and trap Dunn in the Lion Clutch.

IPW Director Daniel Burnell hurried to the ring and demanded Banks release the submission hold. Banks did, but only in order to get his hands on Burnell. Unfortunately for him, Dunn had retrieved the IPW Championship belt from ringside and blasted Banks with the gold.

Banks thrust his shoulder from the canvas at the last second and the Lynfield Recreation Centre crowd came alive, willing him on.

Dunn hoisted Banks to the top turnbuckle and smashed him to the mat in a Muscle Buster for another near fall before Burnell dragged Banks to his feet and held him in position for Dunn to nail with the title one more time.

Banks struggled free as Dunn took a swing, and moved to safety just in time to see the IPW Championship connect with Burnell’s face.

With the IPW Director now unconscious, Alfred Valentine of The Origin walked in the front door of the Lynfield Recreation Centre and made a beeline for the ring, which took Dunn’s attention away from the entrance-way, where Kingi appeared.

Kingi stepped into the ring and lined up a Silencer Superkick for Dunn, who turned around just in time to eat the shot from the Origin member.

As Dunn fell to the mat, Banks locked in his Lion Clutch and forced “Te Tahi” to tap out in record time.
Banks is now a two-time IPW Champion, winning back the title he never lost.

IPW The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Results:

IPW Tag Team Championship:
The Agents of Change (c) def. Liam Fury & Mason Daniels
Daniels crashed and burned with his high-risk Hashtag Splash which left him vulnerable for a British Buzzsaw from Jakob Cross. Aaron Henry trapped Fury at ringside with a heel hook to prevent him from breaking up the pinfall.

#1 Contender’s Elimination Match to the IPW Tag Team Championship:
TNT def. Brook Duncan & Liger, and Joel Clementson & Pirate Burns
Liger pinned Clementson to eliminate him and Burns from the match, but TK Cooper took care of the debuting Brook Duncan to ensure TNT remained number one contenders to The Agents of Change’s IPW Tag Team Championship.

Interim IPW Women’s Championship:
Britenay def. Olivia Shaw
Olivia, showing off a nastier side than usually seen in an IPW ring, dropped Britenay with a Shaw Effect and took to the top rope for a moonsault. Britenay was not as incapacitated as she had seemed though, and dragged Shaw off the top into position for an Extreme Makeover which handed her the win and the interim IPW Women’s Championship. Provided she can retain the title, Britenay is now on a collision course with Evie once the IPW Women’s Champion returns from Japan.

Last Man Standing:
James Shaw def. Curt Chaos
In a bout filled with tables and kendo sticks, Shaw blinded Chaos with green mist and gave him a DVD from the ring steps through a table which ensured he stayed down for the referee’s 10-count.

Liam Fury def. Kingi
In Kingi’s final IPW match, both he and Fury gave their all. In the end, Fury leapt from the top rope with a shooting star press and was struck down with a superkick in mid-air, but still kicked out before the three. Both men then struggled in the corner before Fury knocked Kingi into position and connected with a second shooting star press to hand Kingi a defeat on his way out of IPW.

IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship:
Travis Banks def. Vinny Dunn (c)
Kingi rocked Dunn with a superkick and Banks made him tap out to the Lion Clutch to become a two-time IPW Champion.

Thanks to David Dunn of NZPWI for this live report!

Brendon Taylor