Lumberjack Match scheduled for Escalation!

Banks gold is under serious threat from a Chaos attack at Escalation!

Banks gold is under serious threat from a Chaos attack at Escalation!

The hunt to capture back the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship by The Investment could come to a successful end July 5 at Escalation!

After a competitive match up at NewHeights, Travis Banks and Curt Chaos will once again line up with the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship on the line, but this time Banks has been brought to his knees with the announcement that it will be an Investment Lumberjack Match. IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell has made it clear he wants the gold off Travis Banks and around the waist of Curt Chaos, and with every single member of The Investment surrounding the ring on July 5…he may just get his wish. Never before has the deck been stacked against one man like it will be for Banks at Escalation, and his reign at the top of New Zealand Professional Wrestling may come to an abrupt end at the hands of a group directed to destroy all in it’s path.

It’s often said, however, that when met with great obstacles and impossible odds, the greatest of athletes stand up and find a way to rise above it all. Travis Banks is one of those elite individuals.  He will battle tooth and nail, blood and viscera to beat the competition to emerge victorious, and with his coveted New Zealand Heavyweight Championship up for grabs, we may see the primal instincts that drive this machine kick into top gear and bring the chaos to order.

It’s Travis Banks battling Curt Chaos in an Investment Lumberjack Match for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, July 5 at Escalation!

Brendon Taylor