“He’s an amazing athlete. But he’s a man I can’t trust.”

banksFor Travis Banks, being New Zealand Heavyweight Champion has always been the number one goal. Heart, desire, passion and an almost unmatched training ethic has seen him achieve his objective, but all his hard work may prove to be in vain as a Chaos on the rise is directed his way by a power driven Head of The Investment.

Daniel Burnell has made it clear in recent months that the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship belongs only within his Investment Portfolio, and the fact Banks has ownership of the gold has meant that a chaotic attack has been launched against the “Peak of Perfection” and his championship reign. Immediately after New Heights on May 17, we caught up with IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell to see if we could garner more information on his seeming obsession to lock up The Ultimate Prize once again within his Investment Portfolio.

“My motivation has never wavered from wanting the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship to be promoted and coveted the way it should be, and that’s as the single most important Championship in this country. What’s been confused in the past is the fact I’m not a fan of Travis Banks, which is far from the truth. He’s an amazing athlete. But he’s a man I can’t trust. I can’t afford to have such an important piece of the Impact Pro Wrestling puzzle outside control of The Investment, and I certainly can’t have it under the control of somebody who for all I know, is planning to leave me and my company in the lurch once again. My company is not a stepping stone, it’s the benchmark. I don’t doubt for a second the passion and heart that Travis has for the fans, IPW and this country…but I can’t stop myself thinking that the ultimate intentions of this man are not pure, and that those same intentions do not have the best in mind for the future of this company.”

“I’ve formed The Investment because that’s what I had to do to ensure the survival of the business in this country, and I’ve promised every single one of them under my Investment Portfolio that they will be taken care of, and that they will get what they all deserve. Having the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship outside the control of The Investment makes me look like a liar, and that does not sit well with me. I’m not a liar. My Investment Portfolio trusts me, and I can’t break that faith by having an untrustworthy man like Travis Banks as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion.”

“Unfortunately, in recent months I’ve had a major hindrance to deal with in the form of The Origin. I’ll give it to them; they’ve cleverly distracted me from my goals, and gotten under the skin of The Investment at the same time. But I can assure The Origin, that while they may grow in numbers, The Investment is strengthening its foundation and the time has come for them to answer for their crimes.”

Daniel Burnell has made it clear that he wants the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship back within The Investment Portfolio, and with the odds stacked against Banks on July 5 at Escalation…he may just get his wish.

Brendon Taylor