Capture the flag, capture control!

rival_ctfEmotion-fraught chaos has reigned between The Investment and the Origin as they’ve battled for control and power in IPW. Finally, in a match up that has been threatening all year, the two sides will collide in the massive Double Ring Capture the Flag match at Rival Turf!

Brand new New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury will combine with his new Investment teammates in Vinny Dunn, Curt Chaos, Pat Schisk, Jakob Cross & Aaron Henry to battle Team Origin which consists of Alfred Valentine, Alexander, “Pirate” Jason Burns, James Shaw, Lil T & TK Cooper.

This infamous match has settled scores, scarred competitors and created bitter rivals. Each man will be bent on capturing one of the flags that will stand in each ferociously guarded team corner. It is the team that overwhelms their opponents to bring both flags to their ring and corner that will claim victory, but it won’t be without a price.

Bodies will be one the line and hearts on sleeves when The Investment and the Origin clash for supremacy in IPW. There will be no disqualifications or count outs and participants can be eliminated via pinfall or submission. Team work will be the key to victory in this giant match where all members will need to work together to capture the flag!

Will the bricks and mortar of The Origin prove impenetrable at Rival Turf?

Or will The Investment wreck the foundation beyond repair?

Join us for this double ring spectacular on August 30 to find out!

Brendon Taylor