Tables Match to open Trial by Combat!

banks_tbcThe New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet. It is one of the most grueling, career-threatening and insurmountable battles for the belt ever devised. Travis Banks will face this test with a will of steel and a heart of determination this coming Saturday at IPW: Trial by Combat, but the odds are not in his favour.

Daniel Burnell has remained close-lipped about the match, unwilling to give Banks time to prepare which has to further impact his chances going in to the match. The Investment Head and IPW Director Daniel Burnell has finally broken his silence on the match, and released the following statement to earlier today:

“Like I’ve said before Travis, I admire you as an athlete but you’ve forced my hand on this with the lack of respect you’ve shown The Investment, and myself. So just to show you how serious I am, you will face Curt Chaos in the very first match of Trial by Combat, and it will be a Tables Match. We will waste no time in dethroning you this Saturday night. You will face your fear, and you will lose.”

Will Curt Chaos make history and become the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion in the very first match of the night?

Or will Travis Banks overcome the odds and advance in the Gauntlet?

Find out this Saturday night at Trial by Combat!

Brendon Taylor