Taped Fists scheduled for Trial by Combat!

vinny_tbcThe chaotic nature of the confrontations between The Investment & Origin has been clear and present in recent months, and its set to continue July 26 at Trial by Combat with a huge Taped Fists Match between Vinny Dunn and Alfred Valentine!

Every time Valentine & Dunn have been in the same ring in 2014 things have taken a violent turn, and the violence has led to the majority of their matches being thrown out due the illegal use of closed fists. That however will not be the outcome on July 26, with Daniel Burnell announcing in the latest IPW Informer a huge Taped Fists Match between Dunn & Valentine!

This huge confrontation between The Investment & Origin looks set to once again run rampant and continue the massive turf war between both groups!

Join us at Trial by Combat for this huge feature match!

Brendon Taylor