Trial by Combat ends with Fury on top!

fury_tbc“You will face your fear. And you will lose.” These words from IPW Director Daniel Burnell became prophecy for Travis Banks this past Saturday night at Trial by Combat.

The night started brutally with a Tables Match that pitted Travis Banks against Curt Chaos. Both men sought to end the match early by utilizing the tables around the ring, but it would ultimately be in the centre of the ring where the match would be decided. Banks powerbombed his challenger through a table, got the pin and the right to advance in the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet.

In the second phase, The Investment’s hopes were pinned on the perennial bruiser Pat Schisk to bring the championship back under Burnell’s control. Travis Banks refused to fall in line with Director’s plans and locked in the Lion’s Clutch to send Pat Schisk packing with no gold.

The stage was then set for the main event, where Banks prepared to defend his New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match against the Agents of Change, Jakob Cross and Aaron Henry. AOC took early control of the match as the fight spilled outside and Banks struggled to gain space from the double team attack. When the physicality returned to the ring, however, the momentum shifted and the champ began to show the Agents what getting down to business his way was all about.

Using his speed, he quickly separated Cross and Henry, the one-on-one dynamic shifting the chances more in his favour. After a series of close falls for all three men, it would a misguided Superman Punch from Henry on Cross that would prove the fatal blow, creating the opportunity for Banks to get the winning pinfall.

Victorious, battered, bruised and exhausted, Banks had defeated all Burnell had thrown at him. At least, that’s what he thought.

Burnell congratulated Travis on his victory, then took great pleasure in announcing that there was still one more member of The Investment he would have to defeat. The last Investment man standing, Burnell paced around ringside, suggesting he was going to attempt to dethrone Banks himself. Until, that is, he slid the 2014 Eliminator Contract in the ring.

Fury, the holder of the Eliminator contract, stood proud upon the ring ropes before landing a soul-destroying missile dropkick on Travis Banks from behind. Fury announced he would be cashing in his contract, then and there. The bell rang and in the blink of an eye Fury nailed the champion with the Machinehead Mark II and claimed his very first New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. The Investment then all arrived in the ring to celebrate with their newest member and Burnell and Fury shook hands, well-satisfied with a plan come to fruition. Satisfaction was palpable from the head of The Investment as he had achieved his ultimate goal; the dethroning of Travis Banks.

Also at Trial by Combat, The Origin and The Investment butted heads once again, but this time the confrontation ended with the huge news. Team Origin will face Team Investment at Rival Turf in the Double Ring Spectacular – Capture the Flag Match!

origin_tbcEarlier in the evening, Dunn and Valentine had battled in a hard hitting Taped Fists Match. Burnell shifted the tide of the match when he passed Dunn a metal spanner, who used it impunity to take the victory. Post-match celebration turned to utter chaos when Valentine threw down the gauntlet and challenged The Investment to a massive match for August 30th at Rival Turf.

The Origin, spurred by the addition of James Shaw to their ranks, declared their place in the company as the bricks and mortar upon which IPW was built. The Investment parried that assertion by vowing to be the wrecking balls that would wreck the foundation come Rival Turf.

In other results, TnT successfully defended their gold against Khan & Adams to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship. Johnny Idol defeated Brook Duncan and Britenay & Carmen Rose overcame Evie & Olivia Shaw to pick up a victory!

Brendon Taylor