Impact Pro Wrestling joins the force!

GLOBAL_IPWImpact Pro Wrestling is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling!

“It seemed like a natural progression to reach out Down Under,” GFW founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett said. “Professional wrestling has a solid fan base throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we’re pleased to have an opportunity to bring that product to America.

“All of our agreements just go to show the popularity of wrestling around the world. Wherever you go you can find athletes putting on great shows for their dedicated fans.”

Impact Pro Wrestling join PWA Australia out of Sydney , WrestleClash out of Melbourne, Riot City Wrestling out of Adelaide and Explosive Pro Wrestling out of Perth as the latest promotions worldwide to agree to partner with GFW.

GFW now has partnerships in Mexico, Japan, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll have more news on Impact Pro Wrestling joining the force soon, and what it means for the amazing talent in Impact Pro Wrestling and it’s fans!


Brendon Taylor