Undisputed Champion to be decided at Rival Turf!

turf_girlsJust who is the rightful New Zealand Women’s Champion?

When Evie returned to Impact Pro Wrestling she had no questions about who the rightful champion should be. Evie. Britenay, as the interim champ, had something to say about the co-founder of Team Kick’s attitude. She punctuated her statement with the brutality the beauty is known for, but the question mark remained.

At the contract signing on the IPW Informer, the two committed to ending this dispute in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Rival Turf. Even this simple meeting disintegrated quickly into violence, so nothing will be held back when these violent femmes clash for the title.

August 30th, at Rival Turf, two of the greatest competitors in history will strive to prove their dominance in the women’s division. Speculation will be laid to rest, the question finally answered as to just who is the undisputed New Zealand Women’s Champion.

Who will be the victor, and who will be the vanquished?

Be there to witness the climax of one of the greatest rivalries in New Zealand history, August 30th at Rival Turf.

Brendon Taylor