September Selection results!

ss_resultsIt was another highly competitive night of action this past Saturday night at September Selection!

In the main event of the evening, Fury once again held off an incredibly strong challenge from Travis Banks in a 2 out of 3 Falls Street Fight to remain New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Both men let the physicality loose on each other, making it clear that being the best in the country meant putting their bodies and careers on the line, and with both mean sharing a fall each it would come down to Banks losing focus just slightly as he looked to take his frustration out on Daniel Burnell.

That slight distraction in game plan gave Fury the opening he needed to hold onto his gold, and continue his reign of fear at the top of New Zealand Professional Wrestling.

In other September Selection results, Valentine defeated Jakob Cross, Pat Schisk was kicked out of The Investment only to return later in the night to defeat Taylor Adams, TnT defended their gold against The Pride & Chaos & Dunn, Joel Clementson became the latest competitor to join the side of The Investment, Khan defeated Idol via count out and Britenay picked up a win over Brook Duncan in Battle of the Sexes!

We’ve got a lot of fallout to cover from this huge event so keep it locked here for all the developments!

Brendon Taylor