The Investment capture more control!

turf_results1The Investment remained at the top of the Impact Pro Wrestling mountain this past Saturday night by claiming victory in Capture the Flag, but once again it was surrounded in controversy.

History suggested that the Capture the Flag Match would be chaotic, and it didn’t disappoint as things quickly escalated into a ‘hit or be hit’ scenario as each member of The Investment & Origin entered the fray.

Earlier in the night The Investment won the all important coin toss to decide who would have the numbers advantage via the entry system, but nobody expected that Daniel Burnell already had one extra man up his sleeve. Pirate Burns was the last man to enter for team Origin, but he would be the man to strike the most decisive blow. Burns entered the match to a chorus of cheers, which quickly turned to gasps of dismay as he attacked Valentine with a flag, sending him hurtling over the top rope. Burns would then rip the maroon jacket of the Origin open to reveal The Investment shirt he adorned underneath. The batter and bruised Origin then looked on in dismay as Burns and his new Investment team mates captured both flags, and the victory.

Also at Rival Turf, Fury defended his New Zealand Heavyweight Championship against Travis Banks in one of the most evenly contested title matches in New Zealand history!

Both men throughout the match answered each offensive attack with a matching counter attack, blow for blow. Their brutal striking abilities and technical proficiency, which both Fury and Banks are known for, were equal counterparts with neither able to gain the advantage for long. Everything was laid on the line, the hunger to be the best driving each to reach further and deeper into the tank but in the end a split second was all that shifted the momentum. Fury took advantage of the referee’s momentary distraction and laid in a low blow to the challenger and connected with his Machine Head.

turf_results2However, it would take more to hold down the challenger as he not only kicked out of that devastating move, but the Falcon Arrow that followed. Fury, angered by the gutsy defiance of Banks went for it all and hit a brutal spiked version of his Machine Head. This move finally put Banks down for the three count, ending an amazing contest between two incredible competitors.

In one of the most physical encounters in Rival Turf history, Britenay answered the question as to who was the Undisputed Women’s Champion by defeating Evie in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match. They traversed through the crowd, both rings and launched physical attacks that left no doubts as to how much being champion meant. Ever vicious, Britenay was relentless with her brutal attacks, including one momentum swinging moment where she power bombed Evie into a wall. Both women would eventually fight back into the ring where the fall would ultimately take place with Britenay nailing her Extreme Makeover to claim the gold!

Also at Rival Turf, Johnny Idol defeated Liger before being attacked by Khan; Taylor Adams picked up a win over Joel Clementson!

Brendon Taylor