Dunn & Chaos battle TnT at Battle Scars!

TNT_SCARSThe New Zealand Tag Team Championship will be on the line at Battle Scars!

As revealed on the latest episode of the IPW Informer, Daniel Burnell has given Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn one more shot to rip the gold from the hands of the Origin’s TnT. Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn have had problems in the past getting along, with evidence of that occurring at September Selection when an errant Vinny Dunn spear led to TnT retaining their gold.

For TnT it’s another case of using their speed, heart and dynamic combination to fend off another Investment attack on their New Zealand Tag Team Championship!

TnT put their gold on the line October 11 at Battle Scars!

Brendon Taylor