Schisk catapulted to Last Chance Championship match!

pat_chanceBy virtue of claiming the Armageddon Cup this past weekend, Pat Schisk has earned the right to face Fury for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Last Chance!

Claiming the Armageddon Cup in the biggest win of his career, Schisk has now catapulted himself into a position where he could not only claim the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, but deal a crucial blow to the group that he was violently ousted from back in September. Daniel Burnell unceremoniously kicked Schisk from The Investment at September Selection, a move which, incredibly, could back fire on the Director and his champion Fury at Last Chance.

Undoubtedly on the biggest roll of his career to date, Schisk lines up on November 15 with a chance to claim revenge, a chance to shock the nation and a chance to claim the biggest prize in Impact Pro Wrestling.

‘Classic’ Pat Schisk battles Fury of The Investment for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, November 15 at Last Chance!

Brendon Taylor