What to expect on day one of Armageddon!

The Auckland Armageddon Expo is fast approaching!

Below are some of the matches on tap for day one, beginning at 11am on Saturday morning. And don’t forget, WWE Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan will be joining us during the 2pm session on Saturday as we look ahead to him being in action 2pm on Sunday!

Armageddon Cup Quarter Final
Pat Schisk vs. Joel Clementson

Armageddon Cup Quarter Final
Elias vs. Brook Duncan

Armageddon Cup Quarter Final
Johnny Idol vs. Curt Chaos

Armageddon Cup Quarter Final
Travis Banks vs. Jakob Cross

New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury vs. Lil T

New Zealand Tag Team Championship
TnT vs. Taylor Adams & Khan

New Zealand Women’s Champion Britenay vs. Megan Kate

Join us at Armageddon for these matches, and more!

Brendon Taylor