Last Chance Investment struggle!

vdcTwo members of The Investment have been given one last chance to sort out their differences on November 15!

Since The Investment was formed by Daniel Burnell, there has been a clear power struggle within the group between Vinny Dunn and Curt Chaos. Burnell attempted to get both men to focus on the New Zealand Tag Team Championship, a move clearly designed to bring both competitors together on the same path, but it’s created an even bigger issue between Chaos & Dunn.

Now with both men set to clash one on one at Last Chance, Burnell is hoping that the same competitive edge that caused the issue in the first place will end up solving it on November 15.

Will this one on one contest help settle the issues between Dunn and Chaos?

Or will it drive an even bigger wedge within The Investment?

Find out November 15 at Last Chance!

Brendon Taylor