New Zealand Tag Team Championship Eliminator at NBX!

nbx_tagNightmare B4 Xmas will be even more historic this year with a huge New Zealand Tag Team Championship Eliminator!

IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell revealed the historic news of this match at Last Chance, but has added to the occasion this week by revealing that New Zealand Tag Team Champions TnT must start the match from the very beginning!

Revealed so far for the New Zealand Tag Team Championship Eliminator are TnT, The Pride, Mauler Clementson & Mr Burns and  Pat Schisk & Elias, with more teams to be revealed over the coming weeks!

The deck has been stacked against Lil T, TK Cooper and Dion McCracken in a clear and precise ploy to rid the Origin of their gold…but will they comply?

Find out at the December classic that is Nightmare B4 Xmas!

Eliminator Rules:

* Two Tag Teams will start the match.

* Every Two Minutes there after another team depending on the number they drew will enter the match.

* Elimination occurs when both members of a team are thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. If eliminated, the tag team member will remain at ringside on the elimination bench until both members have been eliminated.

* The final two teams remaining will compete in a scheduled tag team match for the New Zealand Tag Team Championship.

Brendon Taylor