Shaw, Cross & Fury back in action at Genesis: The Eliminator!

ffjcFresh off claiming the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship last month, James Shaw has once again been thrown in the path of Fury and Jakob Cross!

In his first clear response to The Investment being forced to disband, IPW Director Daniel Burnell has released this statement regarding the upcoming contest at Genesis: The Eliminator!

“Even though The Investment has been prematurely disbanded, it doesn’t change where my loyalties reside. I’ve still got complete faith in both Fury and Jakob, even if things didn’t go to plan last month. I’ve made this match because I want to see both men get back on track, it’s important for the future of IPW that they do so.

As for James having no partner, maybe he should think more about the consequences he may face by aligning himself with Alfred Valentine and co. With that in mind, I’m leaving it over to James Shaw to find himself a partner; it just can’t be any member of The Origin. I won’t allow that.

Finally, congratulations to James on claiming the ultimate prize. And good luck to him trying to find a competitor that wants to step in the path of a wounded Fury and Cross. If no partner can be found, this will become a handicap match.“

Cross & Fury battle James Shaw and a mystery partner May 23 at Genesis: The Eliminator!

Brendon Taylor