Britenay and Megan Kate clash at The Ultimate Prize!

MKBThe match was made official at Unleashed, Megan Kate will challenge Britenay for the New Zealand Women’s Championship at The Ultimate Prize on July 11!

Come July, Britenay will be just one month away from a historic one year reign as New Zealand Women’s Champion. A feat only achieved once before by Megan’s BFF partner Evie.

For Megan Kate, putting a halt to the momentum of Britenay by claiming the gold is paramount as she looks to create her own history by claiming the New Zealand Women’s Championship for the very first time.

Britenay has stood tall and defended her crown for 11 months.

Will Megan Kate be the one to send Britenay’s kingdom crashing down?

Find out July 11 at The Ultimate Prize!

Brendon Taylor