Former allies clash for the biggest prize!

ajbsAt one point in time both of these men formed the best tag team in New Zealand Professional Wrestling. They were also the Agents of Change for IPW Director Daniel Burnell, who used them as a destructive tool to push his vision for Impact Pro Wrestling.

Aaron Henry broke away from the rule of Burnell last year, and has shaped his own destiny with intensity and raw drive, while Cross has continued his alliance with Burnell, morphing into a Championship wrecking machine.

On September 26 at Battle Scars these two former allies will collide with the biggest prize on the line.

Will the remedy to the Cross virus come from an ally of the past?

Or will Cross add Aaron Henry to the pile of wreckage he has left in his path?

Aaron Henry challenges Jakob Cross for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Battle Scars!

Tickets available now!

Brendon Taylor