Rose Challenges Kate at Damage Control!

womDamage Control will see the New Zealand Women’s Championship on the line between two competitors who will do anything to leave with the gold!

Megan Kate found herself in unique territory last month at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, becoming the first women to lose her Championship gold on day one to Evie, only to reclaim it back on day two. Megan Kate will be hoping that her second reign won’t have such a hiccup when she faces Carmen Rose, November 14 in Manurewa.

For Carmen Rose, her recent attitude of win at all costs could be the perfect strategy to dethrone Megan Kate, as she looks to claim the New Zealand Women’s Championship for the very first time. The competitive edge surrounding the recent momentum of Rose needs to be harnessed however, as she can only claim the gold via pin fall or submission.

Rose will need to keep her game plan in check, or things could break down fast in this Championship contest.

Carmen Rose challenges Megan Kate for the New Zealand Women’s Championship!

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Brendon Taylor