Secret Santa Match at NBX 2015!

ssmlNightmare B4 Xmas 2015 will host the first ever Secret Santa Match for the New Zealand Women’s Championship!

New Zealand Women’s Champion Carmen Rose, Britenay and Megan Kate will be surrounded by Christmas presents on December 19, but they will have no idea if the gifts inside will be weapons, or something simply relative to the festive season at hand!

Rose will be well aware that with the lethal lottery environment of this contest, her reign as New Zealand Women’s Champion could be painfully short if she’s not able to find the destructive implements hidden around ringside. For Britenay and Megan Kate, the aid of a steel chair or baseball bat could prove the difference between success and failure as they both look to claim back the hotly contested New Zealand Women’s Championship!

Anything goes when Carmen Rose, Britenay and Megan Kate in a Secret Santa Match, December 19 at Nightmare B4 Xmas!

Tickets available now!

Brendon Taylor