The Furious Five vs The Young Nats!


At Rival Turf the war between Liam Fury and the Young Nats reaches its pinnacle in the Capture The Flag Match. The main event of the Double Ring Spectacular will see two New Zealand flags hung high representing the values of significant different teams.

#TeamNats with the new Lockwood designed New Zealand flag, representing the brighter, whiter future of New Zealand pro wrestling. A dominant team consisting of JB Bennett, Charlie Roberts, Curtis Castlewood, Taylor Adams and their glorious leader Mr Burns.

#TeamLiam will have the Traditional New Zealand flag, representing New Zealand (and IPW’s) proud history and fighting attitude. An impressive team consisting of New Zealand Tag Team Champions: The Friends In Similar Tights – FIST, Liger, New Zealand Woman’s Champion Britenay and Liam Fury himself.

Big J