Chaotic kick off to Time Crisis!

sourceOn November 19 IPW debuts a brand new live event concept: Time Crisis!

To kick off the night New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Curt Chaos will put his gold on the line against “The Deal” Dal Knox.  The winner of the match as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion will automatically qualify for Fans Bring the Weapons on December 19.

Not only that, they will set the time to beat for the remaining Time Crisis competitors to get their chance to compete in Fans Bring the Weapons for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Nightmare Before Xmas.  They will have to Beat the Clock, To Get Their Shot!

It won’t be an easy undertaking, with the King of the IPW Mountain and Champion, Curt Chaos at the top of the pile.  He will be determined to see that his chaotic reign doesn’t come to an end at Time Crisis, with a potential victory at Nightmare Before Xmas looming gloriously in his future.

However, there is one very big hurdle to leap to get there.  “The Deal” Dal Knox.  Knox, a former holder of the prestigious New Zealand Heavyweight Championship on four occasions will be no chump change easy beat for Chaos. “The Deal” may offer the Champion his stiffest competition yet, with the voracious Prince of Tiger Town hunting a historic fifth Championship reign.

Continuous Chaos threatens for the rest of 2016, but will “The Deal” sweep through and change the course of history?

Find out November 19 at Time Crisis from the Titirangi Hall in Titirangi!

Brendon Taylor