De Jong clashes with the Dapper!

ddrjNightmare Before Xmas is the culmination of bitter rivalries, the nexus point of scores to be settled. This year one giant match up will personify what NBX is all about. Reuben de Jong will battle the Dapper Agents in a huge handicap match!

Any man of sane mind would never sign on to battle both Dapper Agents, but when you’re talking Reuben de Jong, you’re talking no normal man. This giant is 6 ft 9. This giant is 140kg. And this giant is out to avenge a heinous attack at the hands of Kingi and Vinny Dunn.

The Dapper Agents as a collective have done it all here in Impact Pro Wrestling, with numerous Championship reigns cementing their legacy. There is one Everest they have yet to conquer. One Great Wall they haven’t climbed. Can the duo take down the biggest monster to ever step foot in a ring in this country?

Can Reuben de Jong end 2016 with one final climatic crushing of The Dapper Agents?

Reuben de Jong battles The Dapper Agents, Kingi and Vinny Dunn, December 17 at Nightmare Before Xmas!

Brendon Taylor