Triple Threat FBTW headlines Nightmare!

nbx16Three competitors will find themselves in the middle of the December destruction that is Fans Bring The Weapons!

Courtesy of a dead heat finish at Time Crisis, both James Shaw and Brook Duncan will challenge for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. For the Champion, Curt Chaos, this means the biggest event of 2016 has just become his own worst nightmare.

By hook, by crook or by brass knucks, Curt Chaos has found a way to remain the man in New Zealand professional wrestling throughout 2016. But on December 17 at Nightmare Before Xmas, the walls surrounding the Chaos empire could come crashing down at the hands of two men with revenge and the desire of gold directing their every move.

Which man will you hinder?

Which man will you help?

Which man will leave as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion?

It will be anything but a silent night when James Shaw, Brook Duncan and Curt Chaos collide in Fans Bring The Weapons at Nightmare Before Xmas!

Brendon Taylor