Young Nats banned from ringside in huge NBX battle!

bfbNobody was more shocked at the resignation of John Key as New Zealand Prime Minister than Mr Burns, the parochial patriarch of The Young Nats. Unfortunately, those shocks have not ceased with the news that he must face Liam Fury at Nightmare Before Xmas with the remainder of The Young Nats banned from ringside!

Years ago they were the first ever New Zealand Tag Team Champions but now their personal hatred for each other has exploded. Mr Burns was able to steal a win from Liam back in March and has been on a quest to force his former friend into retirement.

For Liam Fury, December 17 has now turned into a date he can elect to launch a full scale furious vengeance on Mr Burns.

A furious election is on the cards for the leader of The Young Nats, will he suffer the same fate of John Key and be resigned to ridicule and raillery by his detractors?

These two men have been engulfed in a bitter rivalry for all of 2016…who will end the year as the better man?

Mr Burns battles Liam Fury at Nightmare Before Xmas!

Brendon Taylor