Elimination Tables Match to kick off 2017!

This is a contest brought about by a handshake. A show of respect for a Nightmare Before Xmas battle that was of the highest draw. Or so it seemed.

The show of respect at the conclusion of 2016 was merely a ruse, an orchestrated bluff that saw Privileged deal out a savage attack on Brodie Coast of The Friends In Similar Tights – FIST, driving him through a table and leaving the New Zealand Tag Team Champions in ruin to end the year.

While Brodie Coast was rushed to the hospital, Mason Daniels made it clear that Charlie Roberts & Curtis Castlewood would not escape punishment for their actions and made the challenge for a huge New Zealand Tag Team Championship Elimination Tables Match to kick off 2017 at Coastal Assault!

Have Privileged lured the Champions into a New Year’s trap?

Or will F.I.S.T exact revenge and turn the tables on the callous challengers?

Coastal Assault is January 21 in Stanmore Bay!

Brendon Taylor