Caged Fury: What Can We Expect?

What can we expect at Caged Fury this Saturday night in Auckland?

Expect history to be made when Liam Fury and Mr Burns step inside a Steel Cage for the first time in New Zealand Professional Wrestling history. A bitter rivalry has escalated to the point where the most calamitous of structures is being employed to bring it to a final end. Mr Burns and Fury will both know in their hearts that by the end of Caged Fury, one of them will be victorious but they will both suffer the wrath of a Steel Cage that has no remorse and no regrets.

Expect retribution to be at the heart of the matter for Brook Duncan and Dave O’Connor as they clash with New Zealand Heavyweight Champion James Shaw and Jukebox Hero Elias. Don’t be fooled by the tag team nature of this contest, it’s all about that New Zealand Heavyweight Championship and the strange bedfellows it can create. The Ultimate Prize was in the hands of Duncan, but ripped away by the callous grip of James Shaw, proving that when it comes to achieving your goals, there are no friends and no tag team partners.

Expect that at Caged Fury, another tag team battle will bring out a touch of retribution when F.I.S.T look to reclaim their gold from an opportunistic Roberts & Castlewood, who as a duo have solidified themselves as the greatest threat to the number one standing of Coast & Daniels within IPW Tag Team competition. Have they surpassed them and become the new standard?

Expect to find out at Caged Fury!

Also at Caged Fury, Ashlee Spencer battles Candy Lee, Oliver Griffin clashes with No Face and Taylor Adams collides with Liger!

Plus the giant Reuben de Jong will be in action!

Front row is sold out, but GA tickets are still available now for Caged Fury!

Brendon Taylor