Is The Role Of Valentine In Jeopardy?

For Alfred Valentine, Caged Fury was meant to be a night that he could sit back and take pleasure in the fact that history was being made under his watch as IPW General Manager. Over 350 people witnessing the first ever Steel Cage match, surrounded by a card that complimented the calamitous main event. It was a perfect recipe for a perfect night. Or so Valentine thought.

The fact of the matter is that in the heat of the battle, in an effort to ensure there was no outside interference during the Burns/Fury contest, Valentine grabbed Benjamin Keen by the tie, wound back and clocked him with a vicious right hand.

The IPW General Manager had laid his hands on an active member of the Impact Pro Wrestling roster, albeit, one that has consistently broken the rules and flaunted his lack of respect for any authority outside of Mr Burns.

While there may be a lack of sympathy for Keen by a high majority of fans and competitors of IPW due to his past actions, there is no doubt that Valentine has crossed the line by physically assaulting a member of his roster.

The question now arises as to whether Alfred Valentine needs to be removed as the General Manager of Impact Pro Wrestling.

Can his actions be condoned due to the fact Benjamin Keen may have had it coming?

Or is the assaulted party irrelevant in this situation?

Whatever happens it is perhaps the opinions of the IPW competitors themselves that may dictate whether Valentine remains in his position of power.

Brendon Taylor