No Turning Back For Kingi & De Jong

Traditionalists would tell you that you settle a score how you started it, within the rules and within the squared circle. But in this modern era, rivalries often extend the squared circle and enter the realm of ego and one-upmanship. And when things enter that realm, unique and often brutal measures are taken to settle differences and alleviate ego.

At Winter Warfare, Reuben de Jong and Kingi enter that realm when they collide in a contest where a Sledgehammer will be completely legal. A device normally used to break foundations and penetrate rock will be employed to destroy the dimensions of the human body as two men look to drive a final nail in each other’s funerary box.

It all started with a sledgehammer shot in 2016 and on June 10, 2017 there will be no turning back for Kingi & Reuben de Jong.

Kingi and Reuben de Jong clash in a Sledgehammer Match at Winter Warfare!

Brendon Taylor