Privileged Luck, Focused F.I.S.T!

When it comes to competing in tag team contests, luck can be an unlikely ally. Charlie Roberts & Curtis Castlewood would have considered themselves lucky when “Handsome” Danny Jacobs traded his guaranteed New Zealand Tag Team Championship shot to them for a spot in the 2017 Eliminator.

They got even luckier that same night when they walked away with the gold, leaving F.I.S.T wondering if Lady Luck was now going to become a stranger to their combination.

Undoubtedly possessing the talent to be New Zealand Tag Team Champions, Roberts & Castlewood will be out to prove it was more than just ‘right time, right place’ as they put their gold on the line in a huge rematch against Brodie Coast & Mason Daniels at Caged Fury!

Who will Lady Luck shine on this Saturday night at Caged Fury?

Get your tickets now to find out!

Brendon Taylor