The Freedom Of Fury Challenges The Desperation Of Shaw!

When it comes to picking who may leave with the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at the end of Winter Warfare, it could be more about deciphering the individualistic motivation as opposed to just the pure in-ring ability of both competitors.

For the challenger Liam Fury it’s about the freedom of chance he’s discovered after laying waste to Mr Burns once and for all. After being named the next in line for a shot at the gold, Fury has the freedom of knowing that with the The Young Nats now off his back he can focus mentally on the task of capturing the New Zealand Heavyweight for a second time. However when it comes to physically focusing on the match, Fury will have a tougher time as his body is still ravaged by the unmerciful Steel Cage.

On the other hand, for James Shaw, it’s about the desperation to succeed. That desperation led him to turning on his friend Brook Duncan, aligning with the viciously visceral Elias and reclaiming the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in the process. The desperation to snap his losing streak has taken Shaw to a dark chasm that even those close to Shaw would have never thought he’d venture to.

At Winter Warfare it’s the freedom of chance against the desperation to succeed.

Liam Fury challenges James Shaw for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, June 10 at the Titirangi War Memorial Hall in Titirangi!

Brendon Taylor