The Steel Will Settle The Score!

On May 20, one of the biggest rivalries in Impact Pro Wrestling will fittingly climax in historic fashion when IPW presents the first ever Steel Cage Match at Caged Fury!

For Liam Fury, the thought of being locked inside a cage with Mr Burns will have him salivating as he knows the caucasus that usually surrounds Mr Burns will be unable to help their devotional leader as the confines of the steel obstruct their desire. While for Mr Burns, the first ever Steel Cage Match in IPW history brings about an opportunity for his storied career to reach another level at the expense of his former friend and New Zealand Tag Team Championship partner.

These two competitors are about to step into uncharted IPW territory. Surrounded by steel, Fury and Burns will put their bodies and careers on the line to end a rivalry that has now been etched into New Zealand Professional Wrestling folklore.

Both Fury and Mr Burns will not need to worry about devising each other’s demise. The steel will handle that for them.

The steel will settle the score.

Impact Pro Wrestling presents Caged Fury, May 20 at the Mt Eden Hall!

Brendon Taylor