Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

The combination that does not leave with the gold, falls to the back of the line so another tag team can step up to the plate. That was the gentleman agreement between F.I.S.T and Privileged at Caged Fury.

But Privileged are far from gentleman, they are in fact, more like dirty rotten scoundrels. As soon as the bell rang Roberts & Castlewood deliberately got themselves disqualified, meaning they left with the gold and F.I.S.T was forced to the back of the line.

Step in the IPW board of directors. They’ve granted F.I.S.T the opportunity to choose the next opponents of Privileged in a non-title contest at Winter Warfare.

But who do they choose?

A strong duo that could damage Roberts & Castlewood physically?

Or a less capable duo that Roberts & Castlewood could take lightly and bruise their ego?

Find out June 10 at Winter Warfare!

Brendon Taylor