TK Cooper: Homecoming…Can Duncan Crash The Party?

Bangers and Smash will see the return of TK Cooper to Impact Pro Wrestling!

He’s made his mark in the UK with Progress Wrestling and now he’s back to put a stranglehold on the territory where it all began for him. But there is one man standing in his way, one competitor that has risen through the ranks to stand defiant against any man willing to attack the position he’s worked so hard for.

Former New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Brook Duncan knows what it is like to be at the top of the food chain, but he was only able to experience the appetizer before his meal was ripped from his grasp by a more desperate predator in James Shaw. If Brook Duncan wants to hold off the challenge of TK Cooper on July 9, he’ll need to make sure he’s the predator this time around.

Another factor to consider for this huge contest is the possible alliance between James Shaw & Cooper. Dhaila Black the sister of James Shaw, is one half of the South Pacific Power Couple with TK Cooper, leading to speculation that there could be manipulations by the Shaw family behind the scenes to make sure the threat of Duncan is dealt with at Bangers and Smash once and for all.

TK Cooper has made it clear he feels disrespected by the New Zealand fans and competitors and has revealed he will be fighting for the United Kingdom on July 9. Cooper is not looking for accolades, he’s looking to stage his own homecoming party by defeating Brook Duncan in front of a Kiwi audience.

Cooper is back to party at Bangers and Smash…but will Duncan crash it?

Find out at Bangers and Smash!

Brendon Taylor