Trailblazer Under Threat?

Five years ago, three competitors collided to determine the first ever New Zealand Women’s Champion. International star Evie won that contest, proving it was her destiny to become Champion. But since that time another star in the match has proven it was more than just her destiny to become New Zealand Women’s Champion. It was her life.

Britenay has become a trailblazer for the division, competing in every conceivable match possible and racking up an incredible tally of four New Zealand Women’s Championship reigns.

But the trail that has been blazed, could be cracked from underneath as a new set of talent is getting closer to causing a tectonic shift that will manipulate the landscape of the division. Britenay knows it, and she can feel the tremors already.

Candy Lee. Her name may imply sweetness, but her style is dynamite. Her rapid rise through the division has brought her to Winter Warfare, and she will be determined to not only leave with the gold but leave her opponents with nothing but bitterness.

Ashlee Spencer. A princess in mind, but a princess of punishment in body. When it comes to having an edge in battle, confidence can be a key factor. For Spencer, confidence is below her. Arrogance is where the real edge harbors, and she’ll be using that to drive her towards a golden victory.

Another factor to consider for this huge Triple Threat is that it was originally scheduled for the Armageddon Expo in Tauranga just two weeks ago, but did not take place due to an injured Britenay.

Can Britenay truly be back to full health so soon?

Three competitors collided five years ago in a contest that set the landscape.

This year, three competitors compete to change it.

Spencer and Lee challenge Britenay for the New Zealand Women’s Championship at Winter Warfare!

Brendon Taylor