Winter Warfare: One Word

With Winter Warfare taking place tomorrow night, it’s time to take a look at the competitors and the one word that could dictate their fate.

James Shaw: Validation. The battle with Liam Fury tomorrow night is as much about validating his recent actions as it is defending his gold. His actions have seen him succeed, but at what cost to his mental state?

Liam Fury: Fortuity. By ridding himself of The Young Nats, Liam Fury has found himself in a fortuitous situation with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Kingi: Vendetta. For whatever reason in the mind of Kingi, his rivalry with Reuben de Jong has manifested into a vendetta. To put an end to it all he must focus all that hatred on toppling the giant once and for all.

Reuben de Jong: Remorse. The giant cannot afford to have any remorse this Saturday night. The Sledgehammer is legal, but will the giant feel he needs it to finish the job?

Preview the Sledgehammer match here!

Britenay: Legacy. Britenay can cement her legacy at Winter Warfare if she can defend her fortress from attacks on all sides.

Candy Lee: Physicality. Britenay may have met her match when it comes to Candy Lee. Lee could very well be the first competitor to offer superiority when it comes to her physicality. If Lee can get it to a one on one situation, we may have a new Champion.

Ashlee Spencer: Juncture. If Spencer can pick her point in time in this contest to attack without regret, she has to. Find that critical juncture and jump. In the eyes of many, Spencer is the dark horse in this one. Not in my eyes.

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Also at Winter Warfare, F.I.S.T pick the opponents for New Zealand Tag Team Champions Privileged, No Face and Oliver GriffIn continue their heated rivalry, Elias is in action and IPW Legend Daddy Kool is the guest General Manager!

Plus much more!

Brendon Taylor