Bangers And Smash: One Word

With Bangers and Smash taking place this Sunday night, it’s time to take a look at the competitors and the one word that could dictate their fate.

Michael Richards: Define. This Sunday night could be a defining moment in the career of Richards. He’s got all the tools needed to be a huge success, but with lingering conflict abound with The Young Nats, will his tool box be spread too thin?

Marcus Kool: Brag. It’s about bragging rights for the “Hooligan” this weekend. If the Lions topple the All Blacks the night before and Kool is victorious for the United Kingdom on Sunday….my word that could be a horrible weekend for some.

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James Shaw: Escape. Whether it’s an escape plan or simply just an escape from reality, Shaw has to find a way to escape the clutches of the giant Reuben de Jong. His Championship reign depends on it.

Reuben de Jong: Composure. If de Jong can stay composed and execute the way we know he can, he’ll be New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Simple and plain.

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Team NZ: Inspiration. Fury, Liger and F.I.S.T need to find that inspiration to succeed on Sunday night. That will not be hard to find as they fight for the Silver Fern and everything it represents.

Team UK: Wound. Hughes, Roberts, Castlewood and Griffin, these four men could pour salt into a Kiwi wound on Sunday night if they are following a Lion’s victory. Or they could open a brand new one.

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TK Cooper: Enhance. Cooper can enhance his world standing by picking up a victory upon his return to IPW. Put away one of the hottest competitors in the country and the party shall continue for the former New Zealand Tag Team Champion.

Brook Duncan: Faith. Duncan has to have faith in his own ability. It’s what got him to the top of the mountain, and it’s what will get him there again. Defeat Cooper this Sunday and he will surely be back in line for a shot at the gold.

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No Face: Shadow. No Face needs to continue to move like a shadow and attack without remorse to fend off the challenge of another darkened soul.

Mitch Gray: Exploit. Gray needs to exploit any chink in the No Face armour. If he can do that, he’ll find himself with a chance to leave this Sunday as a victor.

Much more is going down this Sunday night so make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

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Brendon Taylor