Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Bangers And Smash will see the collision of Impact Pro Wrestling’s dark forces!

In one corner there will be No Face, a competitor whose sudden movements are mysterious yet meticulous. In the other will be Mitch Gray, a combatant with his own unique ideology when it comes to in-ring competition.

For No Face this will be about continuing his impenetrable psyche which has seen him garner a cult like following from the IPW audience. It’s about continuing his cerebral dominance over his opponents and holding off the challenge of another seemingly darkened soul.

While for Gray it’s about expanding his ego to combat a much bigger threat. It’s about taking away anything or everything that might make No Face tick. Gray is out to find a weakness, and if he finds it, he’ll have no remorse in using it to decimate No Face.

Will No Face fade to gray this Sunday night?

Find out at Bangers and Smash!

Brendon Taylor