The Ultimate Match: Sax And Violence!

The Ultimate Match returns on August 19 as two men embroiled in a heated rivalry look to settle the score by racking up the falls!

New Zealand Heavyweight Champion James Shaw will put his gold on the line against Brook Duncan in a 30 minute Ironman battle that will see the first 20 minutes of the match contested under traditional rules, before the final ten minutes switches to no disqualification!

James Shaw will see The Ultimate Match at Ultimatum as the perfect opportunity to rid himself of Duncan forever. Criticized for his betrayal of Duncan earlier this year, Shaw has surrounded himself in a protective layer of physicality and ego with Elias and his father Alan Shaw, and has used that protection to plant his flag at the top of the IPW mountain.

Brook Duncan will see Ultimatum as his chance for redemption, his chance to erase the memory of having the Championship ripped from his hands by a vicious predator in James Shaw. Since that moment Duncan has been focused on the goal of getting back in the hunt for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, now that he is there, he must turn into the hunter if he is to leave with the ultimate prize.

On August 19, Brook Duncan has 30 minutes to find redemption. 30 minutes to put the careless whispers of doubt to sleep. 30 minutes to become the predator.

On August 19, James Shaw has 30 minutes to calm the critics. 30 minutes to solidify his reign as the man. 30 minutes to lay Duncan to rest, once and for all.

The New Zealand Heavyweight Championship is on the line in The Ultimate Match on August 19!

Brendon Taylor