Ultimatum: Jagged Little Pill?

Two competitors at very different junctures in their career will diverge on the Mt Eden Hall to compete for the New Zealand Women’s Championship!

Since its introduction in 2012, Britenay has never been a stranger to the New Zealand Women’s Championship. In fact, since its inception, Britenay has racked up a record four Championship reigns which has solidified her stance as the foundation and measuring stick when it comes to female combat in this country. She has faced all challengers and dispatched them with precision physicality, but on August 19 she may face her toughest test from a newcomer looking to pave her own way into the history books.

The rapid rise of Candy Lee has been no fluke, her hard work and dedication to be the very best in that ring is a testament to her resolve and passion for the craft. But it’s her raw and often subterfuge animalistic physicality that is her greatest threat, a weapon that could see her dethrone Britenay and leave Ultimatum with the gold.

Candy Lee may imply sweetness, but for Britenay it could be a jagged little pill on August 19.

Will Britenay continue her dominance?

Or will a new combatant take the throne?

Find out August 19 at Ultimatum!

Brendon Taylor