Ultimatum: What Are A Few Sins Between Friends?

Ultimatum will see the best in the North Island clash with the best in the South Island via tag team action!

F.I.S.T have ensconced themselves when it comes to tag team lore, their blitzkrieg offence coupled with an unparalleled nous inside the squared circle has seen them capture the imagination of fans all over New Zealand. They’ve made their own mark in history already, but on August 19 they face a challenge from the Deep South that will require all their heart to survive.

Deadly Sins rapid rise as a combination in Southern Pro Wrestling has been second to none, proving that when it comes to the history books, they will be more than just a foot note. They could very well be the whole book. Their determination, drive and desire to destroy F.I.S.T at Ultimatum could be their very first step at completely taking over the NZ Scene.

Both teams have nothing to lose and it all to gain.

Besides…what are a few sins between friends?

F.I.S.T battle Deadly Sins on August 19 at Ultimatum!

Brendon Taylor