NZ Tag Team Championship Scene Heating Up!

As we head into our next live event The Holy Grail, the landscape of the IPW Tag Team Division is beginning to manipulate itself into a plethora of combinations that all have the same goal. To be New Zealand Tag Team Champions.

For the current New Zealand Tag Team Champions, Castlewood & Roberts, it’s about decoding just what kind of hold they have on the gold. With only just one defence under their belts at IPW live events since they claimed the gold at The Eliminator back in April, one could suggest their grip may not be as ironclad as they would hope.

Especially considering their victory in that sole defence came via an orchestrated disqualification so they could escape with the gold. When you also factor in their antics at September Selection against Liam Fury, their tenuous hold on the gold may be exposed if Pride & Fury decide The Holy Grail is the time for revenge.

Courtesy of their victory in a Tag Team Gauntlet at September Selection, former Champions F.I.S.T have catapulted themselves back into the picture with their Number One Contendership status, but may need to first deal with an erratic minded combination in James Shaw & Elias who feel they should be the next in line to challenge for the New Zealand Tag Team Championship.

There is no doubt that the New Zealand Tag Team Championship scene is looking strong with Pride & Fury, F.I.S.T and James Shaw & Elias all looking to dethrone Privileged as the hunt to be the pinnacle of pairings heats up!

Brendon Taylor