The Lion, The Threat And The Wardrobe!

Let’s take a look at the three candidates up for election to challenge Brook Duncan for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at September Selection!

Ever wanted to see a lion match up against a mako shark?  Then you might want to elect Paul Sayers to challenge for the gold. That Young Warrior has shown in previous encounters that he has the heart of a lion, and could very well be the perfect contender to match up against the mako like arsenal rush of Brook Duncan.

Dave O’Connor. Without a doubt the biggest potential threat on September 23 for Duncan. This former three time holder of the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship could be catapulted right back to the top of the mountain should he be elected. If so, the friendship of Duncan & O’Connor could be fractured in the pursuit for gold.

Don’t let this man’s wardrobe fool you…Elias offers more than just a feast for the eyes. His raw physicality and horsepower could be the combination to dethrone Duncan, leaving him with yet another agonizingly short Championship reign.

Whether it’s Sayers, O’Connor or Elias you select, nothing will change the fact one of those men will have the advantage. They know they only need to prepare for one man on September 23, Brook Duncan must prepare for three.

Who will you select?

It’s your night, your fight at September Selection!

Brendon Taylor